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Hi, welcome to my site. I'm Jaime and I spent almost fourteen years as a zookeeper before a debilitating illness (Lupusset in causing me to lose that dream. Being a stubborn soul, I decided to rebuild my life and pursue my other life's dream. I have gratefully achieved it, and I write full time.

My process is simple; I just make sure I do my best to write books that I'd like to read. I take my time to craft the best story I can. When I am finished, I make sure to get amazing beta readers and editors. These folks really help make my work shine and for them I am eternally grateful. 



One of my favorite things about writing is receiving reader feedback. You guys taking the time out of your day to tell me what you liked about my work (and what you didn't) is  very much appreciated. It means a lot that you would use your time to help me and, honestly, it's allowed  me to learn and become a better author.

I want to thank you for buying and leaving reviews of my work where you purchased it.  Reviews are so critical these days so please make sure to review all the authors you read. When you leave an honest review; be it good or bad, it truly helps us out.

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If you have any questions or comments you can always email me at Info@JaimeJohnesee.com ​

I hope you have a frightfully fangtastic day.