Welcome to the list of all Jaime Johnesee's books and stories. 

​​Novels, novellas, and novelettes:

Shifters - Samantha Reece is an FBI Agent with an ace up her sleeve in her abilities as a werejaguar. Join her on the hunt for a vicious serial killer. 

Risk- Neck-deep in the hunt for members of Americans for a Were-Free America, Sam discovers she's not the only one on the prowl.
The horrific crime scenes the FBI stumble across tell Sam that whatever is pursuing her enemy is more vicious and cold than even this most extreme of hate groups.
Forced to protect the very people responsible for training murderers, like the infamous Grisly, Sam uncovers a nefarious plot wherein AWFA has been trafficking shifters and vamps into the sex-slave trade.
Can she save the very people crying out for her blood?
It's a risk she's willing to take.

Bob the Zombie -Bob is just a regular guy trying to make his way in the world, the only catch is, he's undead.

Bob the Spy -Bob the Zombie is back and up to some new hijinks, most notably, being his attempt at saving the world from an evil scheme.

Bob the Valentine -Bob has a date for Valentine's Day and things don't exactly go as planned.

Bob Meets Sam - The latest installment in the Bob the Zombie Series.  This time we take a wild ride with Bob as he helps out his new FBI friend Sam.

Cast in Blood -The first book in the Revelations series. Three unlikely heroes join forces to save Hell and Earth from evil forces.

Cast in Fire - Book two in the Revelations series.  Chaos has taken over, wreaking havoc not only across the globe, but also throughout Heaven and Hell.

Cast in Shadow - Book three in the Revelations series. Can Polly, Lenny, and Drew save the world or will it end in a fiery hell

Anthologies, short story collections, and box sets:

The Misadventures of Bob the Zombie -A collection of Bob novellas including Bob the Zombie, Bob the Spy, Bob the Valentine, and two exclusive Bob stories.

Oh, the Horror -A collection of my short stories in the psychological horror genre. 

Middletown 2: Midtown Apocalypse 2 -An anthology of zombie stories where all the authors were given the same storyline and characters and all did something wildly different and completely awesome.

Bah, Humbug -An amazing charity anthology of Christmas themed horror stories. 

Painted Mayhem -An anthology of horror stories by various authors featuring clowns. All proceeds go to Veterans with PTSD.

Dead Harvest -An anthology of horror featuring some of the biggest names in horror, and myself.

Still Dying 2 -This anthology of short stories are all set inArmand Rosamilia's Dying Days series.  

Scare Package -An anthology of short stories by various authors in the horror genre to support the charity of Rockcastle Regional hospital.

Spiders -A nest of stories by various authors about eight legged basement dwelling monsters. 

Grave Robbers -An anthology of short stories by various authors writing about grave robbing. 

Revelations Box Set -All three of the Revelations novels in one delectable book. 

Single short stories:

Doors -Some Doors should never be opened. Using a new hypnotherapy technique Dr. Rachel Everby learns this lesson the hard way.

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