Cover Artists

Jeffrey Kosh Graphics -Extremely professional, amazingly talented, fast, and well worth the cost, Jeffrey Kosh is the creator of all of my Bob the Zombie book covers. 

Dean Samed -An amazing, well-known and well-respected, horror cover artist. 

Kealan Patrick Burke -Fantastic at both cover art and writing in the horror genre.


Devil Dog Press -An Indie press that stands above the rest. Specializing in mainstream reads. 

Crystal Lake Publishing -A wonderful Indie press specializing in literary horror.

Nightscape Press -An multiple award winning Indie Press that has become synonymous with quality horror. 

Sekhmet Press -A literary micropress that puts out beautiful books of serious quality.


Leigh M Lane -Brilliant literary author and an all around wonderful person.

Mark Tufo -A wonderful all around author and one of the best zombie fiction authors out there. 

Suzi M -A thrilling author, fantastic person, and downright amazing chick.

Christine Sutton -A great author and diabolical genius.

Rebecca Besser -An amazing author and wonderful Lady.

Jill Behe -A talented new mystery author and kind soul.

Shannon Mayer -Brilliant urban fantasy author and all around decent human being.

Armand Rosamilia -A fantastic horror author and serious metal-head.

Jeffrey Kosh -He's a great Gothic horror author as well as an amazing cover artist. 

Editorial Services

Cerebral Editing - Extremely professional and amazing editors at fantastic prices.

Mary Ann Peden-Coviello - Wonderful editor with a hawklike eye and mad skills.

Rob M. Miller - An absolutely wonderful content editor worth his weight in platinum. 

Chip DePew - Just starting out in the editing business Chip is a reasonably priced and very kind editor.


Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine -The best mystery mag out there imho.

HorrorHound -An awesome magazine and even better weekend.

(Don't forget to check their site for dates and times for HorrorHound Weekend.)
 -A great magazine for all things horrifying and thrilling.


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