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I'm proud to announce that I have had my short story 'The Last Harvest' accepted to Scarlet Galleon Publications inaugural anthology "Dead Harvest" you can purchase it by clicking HERE or you can buy a copy signed by Richard Chizmar on the Cemetery Dance website HERE.

If you read one of my works I'd be most grateful if you left an honest review on the site where you purchased from. Thank you!

Books, books, books!

Christine Verstraete takes zombies to a different level with her book Girl Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie.

Becca becomes infected but she doesn't turn fully. She's trying to learn how to survive in her new world.

Follow her as she does her best to become accustomed to a different way of life. Grow with her as she takes her place in battle fighting the Zs.

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My collection of Bob novellas --plus a bonus short story-- is available for purchase. You can grab it HERE or click on the My Books tab to find other retailers.

My Bob the Zombie series has undergone a facelift. Also,
Bob the Sequel is now titled Bob the Spy. All three books are available at Amazon and will soon be available at Barnes and Noble as well.


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