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Books, books, books!

I'm currently reading a new novel by Suzanne Madron called NEMESIS (Immortal War Series Book 1)

The first in Madron's Immortal War Series, Nemesis, is an intense and gripping read. These vampires don't sparkle and would probably rip your throat out for suggesting they did. With a lush gothic edge this series is a must read for fans of Anne Rice.

Click the picture to see the book at Amazon.
Available now in both ebook and paper back from Devil Dog Press!

In other news: I have a three book deal with Devil Dog Press to coauthor a series of books with two amazing authors; Christine Sutton and Lisa Lane. This first book in the series, Cast in Blood, is available both in ebook format and paper back.  Cast in Fire, the second in the series, is available both in ebook format and paper back.  Cast in Shadow, is also available in both ebook format and paperback. You can also get all three together, Revelations Series Books 1-3 Box Set!    

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My collection of Bob novellas --plus a bonus short story-- is available for purchase. You can grab it HERE or click on the My Books tab to find other retailers.